"I can really recommend
this doctor."


"Both I and my satisfied
patients appreciate a
competent and trusting


"A confidential
doctor-patient talk is essential
for therapy success!"

Univ. Doz. Dr. Michael Medl, Frauenarzt und Gynäkologe in Wien, führender Spezialist für Brustkrebs, Experte, Mammakarzinom, Leiter des Brustzentrums Döbling, Gynäko-Onkologe, Früherkennung, Diagnose, Vorsorge und Nachsorge von Brustkrebs, gynäkologische Operationen, Mammographie, Krebsabstrich, Konisation, Myome, Experte für onkologische Gynäkologie, Krebserkrankungen der Frau, Ultraschall, Facharzt für Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe.

"The sooner a disease is
detected, the higher the
chances of recovery!"

Avoiding painful experiences and wishing for things to go back to how they were is human nature. Being able to see a disease as a challenge helps defeat it. univ. doz. dr. michael medluniv. doz. dr. michael medl
For further information or to make an appointment I will be glad to be of assistance by phone or email.

My philosophy.

Comprehensive care and consultation for women in all medical contexts. In the case of tumors I offer continuous support from diagnosis all the way through to follow-up care.

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Experience counts.

For many years Univ. Doz. Dr. Michael Medl has been a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology and has assisted countless satisfied patients. In my role as director of Döbling Breast Center, Dr. Michael Medl offers everything concerning breast health, from diagnosis to therapy. In most cases, patients receive results and are recommended treatment options just two days after an initial examination.

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„I can really recommend this doctor. Dr. Medl is very friendly and empathetic. The medical assistants are also very nice. You feel well cared for here.“

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Heinrich-Collin-Straße 8-14/11/1, 1140 Wien
Schottengasse 7, 1010 Wien (MedSPA)

Good to know

Univ. Doz. Medl is a doctor of choice (Wahlarzt) who does not have contracts with health insurance funds. The surgery has disabled access. Please do not hesitate to address any relevant questions when making an appointment.

From June 2nd 2017.Every Friday 09:00 – 13:00 Univ. Dr Medl is also at “Moser Milani Medical SPA“,
1010 Vienna, Schottengasse 7, Please call +43/1/23 61 336

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