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Today, the breast is saved in around 80 % of all operations!Univ. doz. dr. michael medl
Today, the breast is saved in around 80 % of all operations!

Breast-conserving operations

Understandably, breast-conserving operations are greatly desired. This can be pursued if the malignant tumor in the breast is not too big and intervention is possible. In such a case, only the lump or afflicted tissue with sufficient safety margin will be removed. Subsequently, radiotherapy is obligatory in order to avoid the presence of a new breast cancer.

→ Sentinel-Technique

The Sentinel lymph node is the first lymph node that is located downstream of the breast cancer tissue in the armpit. In the past, the whole lymph gland was removed from the armpit but today, with 98% probability, no other lymph nodes are affected when the Sentinel lymph node is tumor-free. By means of dye or Technetium, 1-3 Sentinel lymph nodes are marked, operatively extracted and immediately examined. If necessary, further lymph nodes are removed from the armpit.

→ Radical breast operation (Mastectomy)

Until recently the whole breast was removed during surgery but today this radical operation is only necessary in specific circumstances, e.g. if the tumor is too big. However, this does not mean that those affected have to live without a breast in the future. In these cases it is possible to remove the breast and simultaneously (one-step) or after completed surgery (two-step) to arrange plastic surgery treatment. It would, therefore, be highly recommended to have an in-detail talk with a trusted doctor.

→ Breast reconstruction

Removing a breast is a serious event for every woman, so for this reason there is almost always a need for breast reconstruction which can be done immediately, several months or even years later. In reconstruction, either prostheses made of plastic (saline solution or silicone) or the body’s own tissue from the back or the abdomen are used. The patient determines a date after a detailed consultation with her doctor.

→ What are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone implants?

Since the silicone implant is very similar in consistency to the natural breast, this is used much more frequently. If a tear of the implant membrane occurs, the leaking fluid is absorbed by the body. The patient will feel a slight pull in the chest. The damaged breast implant is then either removed or replaced with a new one. The durability of these implants is time-limited. The risk of a diaphragm rupture increases significantly after about 10 years. After radiation therapy, the reconstruction of the breast by means of silicone implant is not recommended as it often leads to wound healing problems.


→ What does a breast reconstruction cost?

The cost of a breast reconstruction is usually covered by social security funds, the authorization of which should be obtained before the operation.

univ doz dr michael medl frauenarzt gynaekologe wien dekor - Breast Operations